Monday, 15 October 2012

New project

After few months of consideration and 10 weeks of hard-core development our new project is up and running. Express Analysis is a set of online tools for financial analysts, shareholders, business owners and other smart people with affection to numbers and economics.

There are two of us behind this project. One is very talented analyst with an MBA and dozen of other diplomas (only kidding :) Another one is technical man with almost clinical desire to run his own successful business one day.

So we started with very simple idea: what if put all our knowledge and experience together? What can we achieve?

Well, you can achieve many things. You can broader your horizon and get unique experience you might not get otherwise. Certainly you can become very rich overnight. Nobody can.

At the moment 3 different services are available in English and Russian: Financial Analysis (IFRS), Capital Investment Analysis and Analysis of Financial Investments. 2 more still to come in next few weeks.

If it sounds interesting to you, please try it out. If you have a question drop us an email at